new website and blog are live!!!

My new website and blog are now live! Check it out–

This blog will stay online, but I will no longer be using it.


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coming soon…

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be launching a new website and new blog very soon! I know my blog posts have been sparse lately, but it’s because I’ve been working on the new site and blog (plus traveling and editing and all sorts of stuff). Once I’ve launched, I’ll post links here, so you can check out the site and follow the new blog. 🙂

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fam + TX = fun

I just got back from visiting my family in Texas. It was a great trip! My grandma came to visit too. She didn’t know I was coming, so we totally surprised her! It was great! I got to have a girls day w/ my two little sisters- shopping, eating, driving and rocking out to music… fabulous! They took me to a restaurant I had never been before- Newks– soooooo good! I got to sing w/ my fam at church on Sunday. My parents recently bought a house, so I got to be in their new home, and help them w/ some decorating. I took senior pics for my youngest sister (you’ll be seeing some of those on the blog in the near future). So, I had a great trip! Family is such a wonderful blessing and gift from God! I missed my husband though, so I was also happy to get back to him and to our home.

Here’s a fun sisters self portrait 🙂

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zoe girl

It doesn’t get sweeter than this!! Casey came over last week with Zoe, and it was soooooooo great to get some time w/ them! Casey and I were sitting in my office chatting and doing some photography stuff on the computer… I was holding Zoe, and she fell asleep sitting there in my arms! How precious is she!?!? Had to share this sweetness! Gotta love the stuffed chick whose head is almost as big as Zoe’s!

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our garden

This Spring we planted our first garden! And I love it! Here are some highlights! The irises were planted by previous home owners (gotta love perennials!), but everything else, we planted this year! I love using pots, and think they add such a fun look to the garden. I also love succulents, and definitely plan to add more in the future. We got some herbs and veggies too, so it’s exciting to watch them grow and benefit from them in the kitchen.

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sweet cooper

I get to hang out w/ our friends the Lanfords tonight, and am so excited to get to cuddle with sweet little cooper! I thought I’d share a few pics we did a couple weeks ago. We almost waited too long to take these, because after a couple weeks it’s difficult to get that sweet, sleepy newborn look where you can mold them however you want (and they don’t know you’re doing it) ;). But I was happy that we still got some and even got some with his sweet eyes open too :0)

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robinson maternity

How sweet it is to capture a couple who love each other and are over-joyed to be expecting their first child. This session was so fun.We had great weather, and a beautiful location. Stephanie and Joey, you guys are so sweet and were such a joy to photograph! I’m so excited for you guys, and can’t wait to meet Alana!

*p.s. I’m glad you have such a cool cousin!! Love you, Kell!

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