herlene + sean

This photo shoot was so much fun! It was more like getting to be a bystander, observing and documenting the love of a mother and son, and the fun they share together. Herlene is one of the coolest chicks you could meet, and her son, Sean, is one of the sweetest, kind-hearted boys ever! Herlene and Sean, you two are a blast! Thanks for giving me so many laughs and being so fun to photograph.

Sean has mad jazz dancing skills that his mother wasn’t even aware of until he busted out his moves for the camera!!

The last outfit change definitely brought the most fun- complete with light saber!!

What a better way to end the session than w/ rice crispy treats covered in icing and sprinkles! If you know me, you know I love rice crispy treats, so this was definitely a perfect way to end a fun evening! 🙂

Covered in pollen and sprinkles… you know we had fun 😉



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7 responses to “herlene + sean

  1. Yes!! so great. He’s adorable. I want to eat him up. And what a stunning momma!! You totally captured this stage in his life. Love it.

  2. lizbird1024

    He is a beautiful child! And the mom is simply gorgeous! Love these Ang!

  3. We love Herlene and Shaun and your photos capture some of the reasons. 🙂 Beautiful family. I cannot wait to show Kerry her SS friend with a light saber. She will go ga ga as she is a huge fan.

  4. You got his personality spot on! They are such a great family. Beautiful images Angey.

  5. angeyprice

    Thanks friends, for all the sweet comments!!! I couldn’t have asked for better subjects! 🙂

  6. Herlene

    Ang, these are TOTALLY AWESOME!**in my Shaun voice** but hey your name is Ms Ang and you rock as a photographer. I can’t wait to show Shaun tonight!
    Seriously ,I want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to shoot pictures of me and my little man. When I saw these it just brought tears to my eyes and brighten my morning all at the same time,that is pretty much what Shaun does for me every single day. I love him soooooooo very much.
    I couldn’t help but stop right then let God know how grateful I am for blessing me with the gift of Motherhood to Shaun.
    Hugs & Kisses Chicka!

  7. What a handsome young man! These are so beautiful! Lovin’ the Star Wars and the lightsaber battle.

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