herlene + sean

This photo shoot was so much fun! It was more like getting to be a bystander, observing and documenting the love of a mother and son, and the fun they share together. Herlene is one of the coolest chicks you could meet, and her son, Sean, is one of the sweetest, kind-hearted boys ever! Herlene and Sean, you two are a blast! Thanks for giving me so many laughs and being so fun to photograph.

Sean has mad jazz dancing skills that his mother wasn’t even aware of until he busted out his moves for the camera!!

The last outfit change definitely brought the most fun- complete with light saber!!

What a better way to end the session than w/ rice crispy treats covered in icing and sprinkles! If you know me, you know I love rice crispy treats, so this was definitely a perfect way to end a fun evening! 🙂

Covered in pollen and sprinkles… you know we had fun 😉



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carson bell

I have bee so excited to meet this little guy!! Check out his cuteness!!!

John and Niki are such a rad couple, and I love getting to be their photographer! Our friendship started as a meeting at Panera one night to discuss the details of their wedding. As one of the Poiema gals, I got to shoot their wedding reception two years ago. Then last fall, Niki contacted me with the exciting news that she was pregnant! So, I got to take maternity pics for them, and this week I got to capture their sweet little bundle of joy! John and Niki, thanks for letting me capture your story! I’ve loved being a part of it. Carson is SO precious!!!

Gotta love the Beetles!!! 🙂

This biscuit bowl was given to John and Niki at their wedding reception, passed down by their parents with instructions to make some biscuits! So, here’s there little biscuit!!  😉

This was John’s baby blanket that his grandmother made for him. Love it!

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jason + caroline

Jason + Caroline =totally rad, totally fun, and totally in love!! These two were so fun to shoot! They’re really cool, really good looking, easy going, adventurous… newlyweds! It’s so fun to see a couple’s personalities come out in a photo shoot. Jason kept us laughing the entire time… and Caroline kept Jason in line the entire time! 😉 Caroline & Jason, you guys are so great!! I am so glad I got to capture you in this wonderful stage of life as newlyweds. Marriage is such a wonderful gift from our wonderful God. And it keeps getting better and better every year! I am so thankful that we share a love for Christ, and that He is our greatest love. Have a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and our new life in Him.


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loving spring

I’m loving this season! There are so many great things about spring. The colors of flowers and leaves on the trees, and the warmth of the weather are just the beginning of the joys of spring. I love being able to crack my windows and hear birds chirping in the morning. I love learning little things about landscaping and dreaming with my husband about what we can do with our yard (we plan to buy flowers, herbs, and veggies to plant this weekend). I have a beautiful cherry blossom tree that had the most amazing pink flowers- I’m sad the blooms are gone now, but my dogwood is starting to bloom, so it helps me cope :0).

I also love that with spring comes lots of photography- weddings, families, couples, seniors, kids, … you name it!

I love spring portrait sessions! Here’s a little taste of the morning spring light and an awesome couple I was able to shoot this morning (more to come soon). 🙂

I am so blessed to shoot weddings with these two amazing gals, Casey and Kristin, as part of Poiema Photography. Since Casey is in TX now, and Kristin lives downtown, every wedding is like a reunion for us! We have so much fun together. God has really blessed us as a team!!

We get a little goofy after a wedding :0)The greatest thing about spring is that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am so very thankful that Jesus came to earth, lived a sinless life, died on the cross bearing the penalty for the sins of the whole world, then three days later arose from the dead. I serve a living God! And because He defeated sin and death (by His own death), I can now live in the newness of the life of the risen Christ. And I live in the hope that one day I will be raised to share in eternal glory with my Savior.

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baby cooper

Meet Cooper Dean Lanford!! One of my dearest friends, Debbie, gave birth to her second son yesterday! He is so sweet and precious!! I had to capture some of his cuteness to share! Eric and Debbie, we love you guys and your kids!! We are so excited to be ‘Aunt Angey’ and ‘Uncle Wesley’ to another sweet Lanford boy!!


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louis the cutest

What a great weekend. I got to celebrate my wonderful husbands birthday, enjoy amazing spring weather, work in our yard, hang out with mom-in-law, eat lots of yummy food, hang out with fun neighbors, take photos of one of the cutest little boys ever, enjoy worship with my church family,… and did I say celebrate my husbands birthday? 🙂

Here’s some pics from my shoot this weekend. Oh my goodness, could this little guy be any cuter?!?! I was so excited to get to take his pics. He is 3 yrs. old, and such a natural in front of the camera! I couldn’t believe how easy he was to take pictures of. He was such a sweet boy, I just wanted to take him home with me! 😉

Leslie, it was such a joy to meet you and Lois! You guys were so much fun! Your little man is an amazing model!!


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megan- senior 2010

This week has given us a taste of Spring, and I am loving it!! I had beautiful weather and a beautiful senior to capture! Megan and her mom were so much fun! We piled in my car and drove to different spots I had scouted out. We laughed a lot and even made up some new expressions (well, okay, I made stuff up, and we all laughed about it :0) ).  Megan and Karen, thanks for being so fun and easy to work with! You gals are a blessing! Megan, you’re gorgeous!!

“sassy girl” :0)

The gentleman who owns this property was so kind to let us use it. I’ve been wanting to use this blue tractor for a while, and Megan was the perfect person. She loves hunting, fishing, and all things outdoorsy, so it was a pretty great way to end our session.


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