baby cooper

Meet Cooper Dean Lanford!! One of my dearest friends, Debbie, gave birth to her second son yesterday! He is so sweet and precious!! I had to capture some of his cuteness to share! Eric and Debbie, we love you guys and your kids!! We are so excited to be ‘Aunt Angey’ and ‘Uncle Wesley’ to another sweet Lanford boy!!



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5 responses to “baby cooper

  1. These are so precious they are almost edibly delicious.

    mmmmm…. nothing like that newborn nuzzling to make things feel right in the world.

    Great job Ang, These are totally Angelicious. :o)

  2. lizbird1024

    These are REALLY great! He’s SO cute! So glad they are doing well!

  3. I always forget just how little “fresh babies” are. He is beautiful.

  4. Sandra Cleveland Chilbeck

    proud to say this little cutie is related to me!

    Congrads to Kay and family on another good lookin Lanford!

  5. Lori

    Beautiful ! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us – congrats to dad,mom, big brother Noah, and all the grandparents.

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