megan- senior 2010

This week has given us a taste of Spring, and I am loving it!! I had beautiful weather and a beautiful senior to capture! Megan and her mom were so much fun! We piled in my car and drove to different spots I had scouted out. We laughed a lot and even made up some new expressions (well, okay, I made stuff up, and we all laughed about it :0) ).  Megan and Karen, thanks for being so fun and easy to work with! You gals are a blessing! Megan, you’re gorgeous!!

“sassy girl” :0)

The gentleman who owns this property was so kind to let us use it. I’ve been wanting to use this blue tractor for a while, and Megan was the perfect person. She loves hunting, fishing, and all things outdoorsy, so it was a pretty great way to end our session.



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2 responses to “megan- senior 2010

  1. Karen Doherty

    Wow Angey!
    They are beautiful….got me all teary eyed…my baby looks beautiful and happy. You did an amazing job.

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