so much… so little

So much has happened these last few weeks, but there’s just been so little time to blog… mainly because I’ve been traveling so much. Mid December I got to go to Texas and spend some time with my BFF, Casey. While there, I helped her shoot her brother’s wedding, got to be a part of Zoe’s first birthday party, and spend a day with my family who drove over to spend time with me. I’ve missed Casey so much since she moved to TX, so it was so awesome to just feel like I was a part of her life there. I was able to meet sweet baby Jack (and hold him and feed him 🙂 ), and get to love on sweet Zoe… she has definitely stolen my heart, that girl!! She gives kisses, can tell you what a doggy says, says “hi” (especially to baby Jack), … oh, and the most fun is playing with her at night in the living room- chasing her, hide and seek, etc. It was great to get to have late night girl talks w/ Casey, sharing our hearts w/ one another. And I loved being w/ her and Dan together… it adds a whole new dimension to friendship when you’re able to see how your friend and spouse relate to each other, love each other, tease each other, etc. So, Case, thanks for an amazing time in TX! I loved every minute of being w/ you and your family!!

shopping w/ my fab sisters at Forever 21-

After I got home from TX, I had two days to unpack, repack, get some work done, then hit the road for Atlanta, where Wes and I spent Christmas and New Years. We spent Christmas with his family. Wes’ mom is  a great host and great cook. We  got to spend time with Wes’ brothers and their families. It’s always a joy to see their kids; we wish we got to see them more often because they grow so fast. We also got to see aunts and uncles and other cousins. We even got to meet up with a couple of Wes’ best buds.

Our niece and nephews (we have another adorable niece that I failed to get pics of 😦 )

The coolest Christmas gift we got was an outdoor fireplace… thanks to the parents!! :0) We put it together Saturday, and froze our tails off doing it… but so worth it… check it out-

After Christmas Wes and I spend a couple days just the two of us in Atlanta celebrating our 5th anniversary!! We were married on New Years Eve, and love getting to celebrate something that’s extra special on a holiday. I can’t begin to write how wonderful my husband is or how blessed I am to have him. He is truly a gift from God and brings so much joy to my life! I can’t imagine life without his love and his leadership.

Once we got home, I was a little sad to take down our Christmas tree and decorations, but I’m excited about the new year. I’m looking forward to what this year will bring and praying that we will love and know God more this year and that we will see Him do great things! Happy New Year!



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2 responses to “so much… so little

  1. Randi

    Aww.. i didnt know yall got married on new years eve. that is so sweet!!! well congrats on Five whole years of marriage.

  2. jnp

    beautiful photo of you 2. congrats!

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