my birthday

I am officially 30 years old! I’ve found myself quoting the line from the movie, Thirteen going on Thirty- “thirty, flirty, and thriving”!! Minus the flirty part of course- only with my husband! :)… but i like the fun reminder that 30 is young and thriving.

I had a wonderful time with my husband for my birthday. We actually celebrated last Friday. We went downtown and walked around Fayetteville St (such a fun street w/ shops, cafes, restaurants). We ate at Sitti, a Lebanese restaurant down there… omg, soooo good!!! We had coffee afterward, and just enjoyed being together!

Wesley got me this bracelet. I love it!! I found it on a friend’s blog recently (she’s such a fashionista! love it!), and immediately sent the link to Wesley, hoping he’d get it for me for my birthday. I love the vintage and organic look it has.

Yesterday, my actual birthday, was mostly a normal day filled w/ work and errands. I got so many phone calls, emails, and facebook messages wishing me happy birthday. I was overwhelmed at all of the relationships God has blessed me with! When I got home last night, Wesley was waiting for me, and had a song ready to play and sing that he had written for me. I want to figure out how to post it on here (he recorded it too) because it is sooooooo sweet and beautiful! I thought about posting the words, but it’s just so beautiful when heard with the melody that I don’t want to separate the music and lyrics. I am so blessed by him and his love for me!!

So, another year, another wonderful birthday, and soooooo many blessings! I am so grateful to my God and King, Jesus Christ for creating me and saving me. Yesterday, I was in Colossians 1, contemplating both creation and new creation… both are by Him and for Him- Jesus Christ, the hope of glory!!



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3 responses to “my birthday

  1. Welcome to the 30’s…you’re gonna love it!

  2. Amanda

    i love you… mean it…. can’t wait to celebrate your b-day and Christmas next week………. you bless me more than i will ever be able to tell you and I thank God for the gift of you and Wes…..

  3. this is precious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! we are so thankful for the blessing of you (and your husband), your music and hearts are such a light for HIM.

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