the visit

Wesley and I spent Thanksgiving week in TX with my family. We had such a great time, and it was such a blessing that we could all be together! I wasn’t sure if the fam would love the idea of taking pics, but oh how they got into it!!! I wanted to get some good pics of us, and never imagined how much fun we would have. My family is crazy and goofy, and I love it!!! I didn’t get many posed smiley pics, but what I got is so much better!! I think this will have to become a yearly tradition!!

Nice ‘rocker hands’, Molly!

My gorgeous sisters, Ryleigh and Molly

Mom and Grandma.

Dad and Jack

I LOVE this background!!! When I visited my parents this past summer, I saw this building and knew I wanted to take pics here. I’m so glad I got to!

I thought I would like the tree as our background, but we kinda look like we’re growing out of it… oh well, I love that it’s a shot of all the girls!

Molly is going to be a Senior next year, so we thought we’d start early and get some pre-Senior pics! Could she be more adorable?!?!

You can’t tell, but they’re holding their New Moon ticket stubs!! We all went to see it as a family :)! ha!

Wow, Ryleigh is so beautiful and grown up!! She started college this year, and is doing fantastic. It’s hard to believe the sisters who were so young when I left home years ago, are now this grown up and beautiful… and smart, funny, and crazy!!



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4 responses to “the visit

  1. THOSE ARE ALLLLLL AWESOME!!! what a gift you are able to give to your family and yourself. These will be so endearing for years to come.

    Love your beautiful family!!!

    Love you!!!

  2. and that building ROCKS! OMG I wish there was one like that near me.

  3. Your family has great genes. 🙂

  4. Courtney

    Hey Angey, I always love looking at your photography, but I really love looking at your family pics…you have the most warm, loving family and it makes me think back to our days in Oklahoma! Love you and glad you’re doing so well! -Courtney

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