texas + family

Last week I got to go visit my family in TX. This was my first time visiting them in their new town, Henderson, TX.


One of the days I was visiting, we spent the day in Dallas.

Check out the new TX Stadium! My dad is a huge Cowbow fan, so this was the highlight of the day for him!

TX staduim collage


This was the highlight of the day for me! Going to Sam Moon w/ my mom. This store is a girl’s dream store- wall to wall purses, accessories, jewelry! So rad! Casey introduced me to Sam Moon last summer, and I’m forever grateful!



Heading to the Reuinion Tower where mom, dad, and I had dinner reservations (my sisters where having fun at Six Flags).



My view from the top.


You can see my reflection on the right- w/ my hot pink camera! ha!!!



view from the ground-


My awesome sisters, Ryleigh and Molly! This was Ry’s last week at home before leaving for college. I know the fam is missing her like crazy! It’s hard to believe these two girls have grown into such beautiful young ladies. They were 6 and 8 yrs. old when I left home for college. Wow, how 10 years can fly by!


Crazy Moo (short for Molly Moo 🙂 ) sporting her RayBans!


The historic district of Downtown Henderson, TX- where my parents live, and their church is located. I love the historic buildings; they’re so full of character!

Henderson collage


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  1. Way to rock the point and shoot, baby! These photos look great! Just one more reason for why YOU are my favorite person. 🙂 LU -wp

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