my husband, the teacher

Wesley has taken on a new part time job with North Raleigh Christian Academy! Doesn’t he look like a teacher already?! I know, he’s so cute! 🙂 This week has been ‘teacher in-service,’ and next week he starts teaching. He will teach two classes in the morning- Honors British Literature, and 7th gr. Latin. He is quite excited about these, and the opportunity to teach. He is a gifted teacher, and desires to be used by God to help these students learn and grow. It is a blessing to teach at a school that is committed to a Christian worldview, so he can openly express his beliefs.  As this is a part time position, he will continue to work/serve at our church, Open Door. We love our church! I am very proud of him. Both of these jobs are wonderful opportunities for him to use his gifts and talents in a way that honors God and serves others. So, here we are at a new stage in our adventure in life!




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  1. ravnistic

    Adorable, his first day of school! I’m so jealous that he gets to teach British lit!

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