remembering asher


Today is Asher’s first birthday. Asher is the firstborn son of my best friend, Casey. This weekend is filled with both sorrow and joy. It is filled with sorrow and pain because his life on earth was very short; he went to be with Jesus only seconds after he was born. But it is filled with joy because we celebrate his life. And though his life on earth was short, we know that he is alive now and forever. He actually knows and experiences life more fully than even we know and experience it here on earth. He is living in perfect fullness of joy with his Creator. He knows a life without pain, sorrow, fear, or death. And he knows it forever. We have hope this weekend, as we know that we will see him again because one day we will share that heavenly home. We will also dwell in perfection, knowing the fullness of life as it was meant to be, dwelling with our God and Savior, Jesus.

Casey and her husband, Dan, have been amazing testimonies of God’s grace this past year. Through the pain, they have been faithful and shown the goodness of God to those around them. I have learned so much from them, and am so thankful to be in their lives. This year God has blessed them with the most sweetest, adorable little girl. Zoe Elizabeth stole my heart from day one, and I know she stole her parents’ hearts too (and grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.)! If you want to know more of their story, check out Casey’s blog.

Asher was one of the most beautiful baby boys ever born. I was so blessed to be there the night he was born. I got to hold him, touch him, and cry with him. I cherish those moments where I got to look at his precious face and hold his long fingers. He had the cutest nose and just adorable little features! I am so proud to be his “aunt angey” – and I’ll always consider myself so :0).



These photos are of the beautiful program from his memorial service. It tells you of Asher’s life and shows you his parents’ hearts.







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2 responses to “remembering asher

  1. Britt

    Thank you for all that you have done this week to honor my nephew. The pictures you took today are simply beautiful. You are so dear to me. Thank you for everything. Love, britt

  2. lizbird1024

    Beautiful pictures, Ang, in both posts. That’s the first picture I’ve ever seen of you with Asher! Praise God that he didn’t have to suffer in this world!

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