bruce family

I got to do some photos for my good friends, the Bruces, last week. How cute are they!?! Josh and Nikki have been good friends of ours for many years, and it has been so fun to see their family grow. They have three of the cutest girls you have ever seen!

Check out their bright band-aids… that is so cute πŸ™‚







I love your hair, Nikki! Way to go, Kathleen! (looking for a hairstylist?- Kathleen Weathers, ladies and gentlemen!)


Adeline- we had to work pretty hard to get a smile on her face πŸ™‚


Abigail- we didn’t have to work hard at all to get her to smile. She loves for “Aunt Angey” to take her picture. When she was little though, she didn’t really like me- she would hide behind her parents legs and would get upset and shy when I would try to hug her. But now she loves me, and I love hearing her yell “Aunt Angey!” as she runs to hug me.


Ava- I am in love with her cheecks! She enjoyed getting her picture taken too. She is getting so big and so adorable.






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5 responses to “bruce family

  1. Wow! Those are so great Ang! Didn’t Nikki look great!?! I love the one of Ava with her hands by her chin.

  2. they do have the cutest girls! great pictures, angey!

  3. stefanie

    i love all the pictures, got to love any pictures my nieces are in. nikki and josh came out great too

  4. Nikki, your girls have grown so much and are so beautiful just like their Mommy! What a beautiful family. And Angey…wow you have such great talent. Wish you were here to take some family photos for us! I think you just might need to take a little trip out to visit us just for that. So many wonderful photo opportunities here!

  5. i’m a little envious it’s not our faces in your camera anymore, but i must admit, if you must have faces in your camera, these are good ones to have.

    and yes. kathleen has a spiritual gift of shampoo and scissors.

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