easter sunday

We had a wonderful Easter yesterday. In the morning, we celebrated the resurrection of Christ with our church. That’s my cutie on the far right playing electric guitar 🙂img_9298

One of my very dear friend’s husband was baptized. This was such a joyous occasion for us, as we have been able be apart of their lives and see him come to faith in Christ. Now through baptism, he shows the world that he is identifying with Christ’s death and resurrection, and now lives in newness of life. It has been so exciting to see God do wonderful things in their family. And I’m just as excited about what He is going to do in the future! Thanks to Wes for getting these great shots. Since he was already on the stage, he had the perfect view.


After church we spent the day with some of our dearest friends- The Swishers…


…and the Lanfords.



We had so much fun hanging out and relaxing during the afternoon. Then after nap time we had an easter egg hunt with the boys and lots of fun in the sun. Their boys, Reid and Noah, are such sweet cutie pies! They’re both so fun and full of life… and they both have killer blue eyes! My camera likes them 🙂


It was a wonderful day, and a wonderful Easter.


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