happy easter


Why is Easter Happy? I like spring colors, easter candy, easter egg hunts with children, and special time with family; but for me, Easter is happy for another reason. Because I am a believer in Jesus Christ, Easter is happy becuase it is the ultimate celebration of life. Though Christ was tortured and crucified, he did not stay in the grave. Three days later, He was risen to life again. He defeated death!- not only his own death, but sin and death and everything evil. That’s why He hung on that cross, to bear the weight of the punishment of sin- not His sin, for he was perfect. He bore our sins, our punishment! And His resurrection proved that He was indeed the Messiah, and that He had power and victory over sin and death. It is this power and victory that He extends to us. The Bible teaches that just as He rose from the dead, one day all who believe in Him will also be risen from death to life- eternal life. And just as we watch the blooms of Spring come to life from what had previously been dead, we live knowing that one day, we, and all of creation, will be made new. But until then, we continue to live in a world where sin and death are present, where people are in pain and enduring difficult circumstances. So, we live waiting and hoping in that day where we too will rise to be made perfect and complete in our God, free from pain, sin, sickness, and death. But we don’t merely wait and hope. By trusting in the risen Christ, we know the newness of life here on earth. The ‘one day’ promise is already a present reality in our hearts and lives. Our God is the God of both heaven and earth, and so we are His ‘heaven and earth’ people. We live on this earth, but we have been given a place with Christ in the heavenlies (eph. 2). We have physical, earthly bodies, but we have the Holy Spirit of God dwelling within us. We face physical death, but in Christ, we have already been rescued from sin and death. These great truths make the celebration of Easter happy indeed!



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