our new luxury vehicle

We were visiting my parents in Mississippi a couple weeks ago for one last time before they moved to Texas. While we were there, my dad was trying to figure out how to get all of his cars moved to Texas. One of his newest additions was my Granny’s Buick Skylark, which she won many years ago playing Bingo.When she passed away last year, my dad brought it home. It was special because it was hers, but it also was in great shape and had very low mileage. So, while we were there, Wesley let dad know that he would happily take the Buick off his hands. We all  thought he was kidding at first since it’s not the most beautiful car you’ve ever seen. But he was quite serious, and said he’d proudly drive it. So, my dad decided to give it to us! He was happy that it could stay in the family, and we were happy to be given a car. Of course, I made sure that this was Wesley’s car! So, we skipped out on our plane, and drove the Skylark all the way home from Mississippi (12 hours). At first I thought I might be a little embarrassed, but once I got comfy I didn’t care! The car rode great, and actually was a more comfortable and smooth ride for the road trip than our other car! Every time we’d discover something about the car (how roomy it is, how comfy it is, etc), we were more and more convinced that we had a luxury vehicle on our hands!

Thanks, mom and dad! It really is a huge blessing for us to have the car!


Sometimes we call him “Grillz”… yes, this car is a he.


Wesley loves Grillz.



It’s the Senior picture he never had!



2 words- “luxury vehicle”!





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9 responses to “our new luxury vehicle

  1. lizbird1024

    LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures 2, 4, and the last one! “he” really does look like a “he” and grillz is the perfect name. I love it! I still haven’t found a way to blog about my fabby furniture. I don’t have a lens wide enough to get any good pictures in my tiny little living room.

  2. mom

    you just blessed my heart once again!!!!!!

  3. Myrna Salmon


  4. This is probably my favorite blog from you Angey! I laughed the whole way through looking at those pictures. Love it!

  5. ravnistic

    I’m pretty sure my grandparents have that car! Wes looks extremely happy, aren’t husbands so easy to please?!

  6. ravnistic

    Oops, that was me, Bonnie. Guess who picked out our wordpress name?

  7. Molly:)

    mom. that is awesome!
    i think Grillz enjoys Wesley’s company! 😀
    haha i love you guys and missss youuu!!!

  8. laughing so hard. lovin’ the grillz. too funny. so glad you got blessed!

  9. Tanya Bollinger

    Nice wheels Wesley, and Angie you have a great eye for your pictures, I loved looking at them. Hope you guys are doing well. What is new for you? We are expecting in late September! It is exciting and a little overwhelming. hope you guys are doing well. Miss you!
    Tanya Bollinger
    (formerly Probasco)

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