“eternal gifts”

Each year, Wesley and I like to buy some new music for Christmas. This year we bought some Christmas songs by Leigh Nash. I’ve been humming one of  these songs the past couple days called “Eternal Gifts.” I like the point of this song- that what I really need for Christmas this year is not something that is physical and temporal, that can be wrapped up and placed under a tree, but the eternal gifts that come from above- the fruit of the spirit- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. Furthermore, Jesus Himself, is the true gift of Christmas, as well as the giver of everything good. May we cherish Him above all things this season, and be filled with the fruit of His Spirit.

Here are the lyrics to this sweet song-

Santa knows what I want for Christmas
but Jesus knows what I need
it can’t be purchased, wrapped up, and placed
under an eight foot tree

I need patience, kindness – virtues like these
to bend on my knee at the manger
Santa may bring things that last for a year
but eternal gifts come from the Savior

Some days come where I’m plain selfish
I can’t think of no one but me
then I think of all that I’m blessed with
and that it’s always best to give than to receive

I need faithfulness, love, generosity
to open my home to a stranger
Santa may bring things that last for a year
but eternal gifts come from the Savior



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  1. great post! Love you. Don’t you know that I ate that chicken salad for lunch a midnight snack and yes… breakfast the next morning. I justified the breakfast part because it has grapes in it. :o) I’m an addict. :op

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