wesley + film


My husband has been inspiring me lately because he has gotten into shooting with film. This summer he bought a 35mm Canon slr. There’s just something about film- the colors, the contrast, the film grain… it’s just got such a unique look. So, I wanted to show off some of his pics 🙂

Here’s some from his trip to Mexico-





I love this shot of his reflection in the bumper of  a truck.


He came on a photo shoot with me recently- I thought this was funny. I love the colors and the contrast.


Here’s one of his first shots with the camera… even when the film messes up, it’s cool!


His creative eye-



I am so blessed to have a husband who not only supports me in my photography ventures, but also shares my passion for it. I love when we get to shoot together! Thank you Wesley for being the best husband in the whole wide world!!! I love you!!



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5 responses to “wesley + film

  1. I love you back! You are always my favorite photographress and my great love!

  2. Amanda

    Well i love you both and photography is only one of the many many ways you both bless us…. love you mean it…

  3. Just curious, what kind of film is he using here?

  4. lizbird1024

    Hey! I never saw this post! Those are great pics! I’m actually really liking film right now too. I love digital because I don’t have to worry about it if I mess up. But I think the look of film is cool and now it’s even unique because nobody really uses it anymore!

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