beauty and death

Though I love fall and it is my favorite time of year, I often wonder why the very things that are so beautiful can be pictures of death. The leaves of the trees are dying, and are about to fall off, yet they are so colorful and beautiful.

This past weekend marks three months since my best friend, Casey, lost her son at birth. She recently posted some of the pictures of the gravestone and the cemetery on her blog. The pictures were so beautiful and so sad all at the same time. They reflected so much of the beauty of fall, yet they remind us of death- both Asher’s death, the others buried there, and even nature itself.

As I’ve been thinking on this lately, I’ve been encouraged that though fall reflects death and preparation for the winter, we know that after winter, there will be spring. With the coming of spring we will see new life; creation will bud and bloom again, there will be beauty and a sense of renewal. As I think about life and death, the same thought is encouraging, that after death comes resurrection. For those who are in Christ, there is a hope of an eternal life that is forever blooming and beautiful, where death (and sin) has been defeated, and there are pleasures to be had forevermore in the presence of our glorious God.

So, as I hurt with my dear friend for the loss of her son, I rejoice in the hope of the resurrection. I rejoice that Asher is already enjoying a perfect, joyful life that will last for all eternity. And I rejoice in the confidence that his mother and father, grandparents, aunts and uncles, will be reunited with him for all eternity.

“And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life…” – 1 John 5.11,12

Here’s a few pictures I got to have with Asher and his mom the day he was born.














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3 responses to “beauty and death

  1. This is a beautiful post Angey.

    I am so sorry for your pain. The photos are…I can’t think f the proper word to describe them. They are a beautiful and honest capturing of pain that transcends our inept vocabulary. I imagine that the Holy Spirit was interceding there where only He could.

    Praying for you, for Casey, and for all of you that have been cast into this testimony of His. I know that each of you would have chosen for it to go much differently, but you are all taking on the task of shining God’s love through it in ways that I know are pleasing to Him and are bringing Him ALL the Glory He deserves.

    Blessings to you today, friend.

  2. Myrna Salmon

    Ang, this is so hard to see!! I want to tell you two things, first I know someone who lost not only his baby but his wife to, it was Bro. Dale. I don’t think I know a more godly person and friend to your dad than him. second, I know alittle about loss and one day I will meet the one I miscarried, I believe it was a boy, I named him Zack, I never told anyone this. You are so special to me!!!!!!!! love,mom

  3. Tracey Hirschy


    i read your post and was just speechless, and then just had to read your friends’ post (Casey) and was just simply amazed at her testimony. I saw that it really was possible to grieve with hope. I had just had a miscarriage on nov. 4 at thirteen weeks. I thought that God was bringing you to my mind for your sake, but I see now it was for mine.
    thank you for your post.
    -tracey stadler-hirschy

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