got tagged!

My BFF, Casey, tagged me yesterday! If you know her, check out her answers on her blog.
So, here goes…
4 random things about me:
1. I had pet goats as a kid šŸ™‚
2. I would live in pajamas if I could
3. I don’t love to cook, but wish I did
4. I am a coffee snob
4 occupations I would love to do if talent/money were no option:
photographer (what can I say?)
2. nutritionist or personal trainer (really just need one for myself šŸ™‚ )
3. movie critic
4. clothing designer
4 of my guilty pleasures:
1. Starbucks lates
2. ice cream
3. watching a full season of a favorite show in only one or two sittings
4. lounging all morning and chatting with my husband

4 things that I am drawn to buy even when I don’t need them:
1. makeup (me too, Case!)
2. stationery (again, me too, just did this yesterday – Michaels had all this great stationary for $1ea!)
3. accessories (jewelry, bags)
4. home accessories

4 challenges I face on a daily/weekly basis
1. balancing my schedule- there’s never enough time in a day!
2. being disciplined (whether it’s spiritual (prayer and bible study) or physical (exercise))
3. contentment in Christ alone
4. getting things done on time (me too, Case!)

4 books that have helped me this year
1. Isaiah
2. Peacemaking Women
3. The Hospitality Commands
4. Okay, I’m not reading enough!!

4 People who I’m tagging

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