daphne + reid

For Labor Day we spent some time with some of our really good friends, the Swishers and the Sabos.  They both have really great kids- Reid and Daphne. When they started talking about blowing bubbles outside, I was so glad I brought my camera 🙂 These two are so cute, and I had so much fun capturing them.

Here’s Daphne- Is this not one of the cutest faces you’ve ever seen?

I think she ate more bubbles than she blew 🙂

This face says, “That doesn’t tast so good!”

Here comes Reid- “peek-a-boo!” Another one of the cutest faces ever!

Reid trying to catch the bubbles.

Where did they go? Why couldn’t I catch one?

Let’s try again!

Now Reid tries to eat the bubbles, and they all pop in his face… but he doesn’t seem to mind the taste 🙂

Love those little crocs!!!

Anette and Sharra, thanks for the fun time w/ the kids!


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