Helicopter Ride to the Grand Canyon

Last month Wesley and I joined my family for vacation at my brother’s house in Arizona. It was a wonderful time being with my family. My brother Jack is a helicopter mechanic for Papillon, a company that gives tours to the grand canyon. Jack was awesome enough to hook us up with a tour. We took an early morning tour, so that we had breakfastin the Grand Canyon!! Here are some of the highlights of our helicopter ride to the Canyon. Thanks to a polarizer, I was able to get so many great shots through the window.

This first shot is part of the Hoover Dam. We drove over the Dam to cross into Nevada, where we flew out of Bolder City. My brother crosses the Dam everyday in his regular commute to work. I was able to get this shot as we were driving by, knowing I’d be able to get the big picture from the air!

The landing pad. I think the helicopters are so cool! It makes me proud knowing that my brother keeps them all running!

From the air…

The Hoover Dam.

We landed down into the Grand Canyon, where we had a picnic breakfast and enjoyed God’s amazing creation!



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2 responses to “Helicopter Ride to the Grand Canyon

  1. Wow! These pictures are really great!!! The helicopter tour must be worth it 🙂 Did you have a good time ?

  2. you could totally sell these pictures as postcards. i’d definitely buy the one of your face.

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