Ryleigh is a Senior

My little sister, Ryleigh, is a senior! So this past weekend while she was visiting me in North Carolina, we took the opportunity to take some senior portraits. Part two of her senior portraits will be in Arizona, as our family is gathering there for vacation in a little over a week. My brother lives in Arizona (literally in the desert), so we should have some nice mountains for our backdrop. For those of you who don’t know, I have 3 siblings: an older brother, Jack, and two younger sisters (11 and 13 years younger). Ryleigh is 17, the older of my two younger sisters, and Molly is 15 (be on the lookout for some photos of her as well). I left for college when my sisters were little, so it is hard to believe that they have grown into the beautiful young ladies that they are. Here’s a sampling of Ryleigh’s senior pics.



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4 responses to “Ryleigh is a Senior

  1. Heather

    She looks like you in that second photo! Hope the wedding went well today!

  2. She is so darn cute! Great photos, Angey!

  3. WOW… Angie, I just Love the photos. You are so very, very talented; but I knew that. This blogging stuff is sweet… I hope you are doing well & have a fantastic time with your family.
    Your Friend & CMC,

  4. Lori Calloway

    Oh my Word, Ang!
    Your sis cannot be graduating!!! Cannot believe it! She’s a beauty, just like her sis. I need to see your face! Your photos are totally stinking awesome!

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