Lizard in my bedroom

As things have been very busy lately, I have gotten way behind with blogging and posting updates and photos. But something happened yesterday that I have to blog about. I found a lizard in my bedroom– yes, a lizard! As I walked into my bedroom, he was just sitting there frozen. I didn’t know what to do, so I called Wesley and he said he would come home and trap it for me (he works next door, very convenient). So, as I was watching guard to make sure he didn’t run away, he started moving toward my bed. The thought of him crawling up into my bed was too much to bear (our bed is on the floor, so there would be no where to go but up). So, I approached him from the other direction causing him to run away, hiding himself under Wesley’s dresser. I grabbed a shoe box out of the closet thinking it might help to trap him. Meanwhile, Wesley got home and came into the bedroom with a broom. So we moved the dresser, and the lizard came running out; Wesley started trying to trap him w/ the broom w/o hitting him to hard (didn’t want to kill him)… so after several attempts he was able to trap the lizard under the broom; then we trapped him inside of the shoe box holding the broom on top so he couldn’t escape. We then let him go outside. I only wish I would have taken his picture before we let him go… it would have made this blog post much more entertaining 🙂 It was quite a funny ordeal, but I am a little concerned as to how a lizard got into my bedroom!



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3 responses to “Lizard in my bedroom

  1. angey! where’ve you been all my life? i’ve found your blog. i can officially stalk you.

  2. I agree with Andie. Now that I know your blog, I’m going to stalk you. =)

    That’s weird about the lizard. I wouldn’t think that you live in a spot that would get lizards!

  3. I had to laugh reading your post, because I am SURE that Nathan and I have had the same scene play out in our room. Of course, ours was with a big, ugly spider and without a shoebox. We didn’t need IT to live to find us (ME!) again!

    Your work is beautiful! I have SO enjoyed looking through some of your photos. You are very talented. I am glad to find you in the blog-o-sphere :o) .

    Take care,
    Angela Murray

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