John & Niki Bell

John and Niki were married in Fiji, and came back to celebrate their marriage with their friends and family at this beautiful wedding reception. Poeima was honored to cover this event and capture the story of John and Niki’s love. Here’s a few highlights of this beautiful couple and some of their amazing details.

To see the slideshow of their event check out



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6 responses to “John & Niki Bell

  1. dude! well,… dudettes! those pictures are SO PHENOMINAL! oh man! so good! those dress shots are superb and i love love the details of their wedding that y’all captured. i wish i knew who took each one so i could tell the particulars of my love to each of you… but for now, you should know that these literally brought tears to my eyes… I am so thankful to have such talented friends!!

    and wha? her ring? awesome!

  2. angey, will you photograph our wedding? it’s scheduled for june 4, 2004. bring your time machine.

  3. angeyprice

    Heck yes, Andie! I’ve been looking for an excuse to use my time machine!

  4. muttidc

    Wow 🙂 your photos really are beautiful. But are you a photographer? If I lived where you’re living, I’d come to meet you to know something about your work.. (if you are a phot.), but unfortunately I live in Italy and I can’t do it. you know, I would want to be a photographer when I will be older.
    anyway.. I wanna tell you a thing.. YOU ARE TOO MUCH GOOD.. congratulations.. kiss Michelle 🙂

  5. muttidc

    beautifil photos

  6. muttidc

    beautiful photos

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